It's the people at SRPML that make all the difference. We planned it that way by recruiting people with old fashioned common sense and values; people with the desire to excel at whatever they do. We scrapped narrow job classifications, encouraging team members to develop multiple skills and handle wide-ranging tasks. Our work environment is one in which team members are expected to ask questions, share information, and to look for better ways of doing things. Through this participatory style of management, we have built an outstanding team, totally committed to quality in every aspect of our business. We believe our people oriented approach to management, based on common sense and the free exchange of information, is the key to efficiency, quality, productivity, and job satisfaction.

At the core of the operation are some of the best and most experienced pulp and papermakers in the industry. They provided the expertise for our in-house training programs. Many of our team members came to us from other industries, such as petroleum, mining, and nuclear power. Their diverse backgrounds and problem-solving skills have helped us to develop a fresh, innovative approach to an old industry. Together, we make an unbeatable team. Just ask our customers.