Tungsten Metal Powder

Tungsten powders are produced through fully automated state-of-the-art equipment. DM Metal Powder  is exceeding customer’s expectations with its guaranteed computerized quality control system and accumulated knowledge of the complete process, from raw materials through to final product.

  Chemical Analysis
  Elements Unit Specification Testing Method  
  W % 99.90 Min AAS  
  O % 0.3 Leco  
  Al ppm 10 AAS  
  Bi ppm 5 AAS  
  Cd ppm 5 AAS  
  Ca ppm 10 AAS  
  C ppm 80 Leco  
  Cr ppm 10 AAS  
  Co ppm 10 AAS  
  Cu ppm 5 AAS  
  Fe ppm 20 AAS  
  Pb ppm 5 AAS  
  Mg ppm 10 AAS  
  Mo ppm 10 AAS  
  Ni ppm 20 AAS  
  N ppm 300 Leco  
  Si ppm 25 AAS  
  Na+K ppm 20 AAS  
  S ppm 10 Leco  
  Sn ppm 5 AAS  
  Ti ppm 5 AAS  
  V ppm 10 AAS  
  As ppm 10 AAS  
  Physical Properties  
  Grain Size µ 2 to 12 FSSS  
  App.Density g/cm3 5.9 to 6.3 CARNEYS  
  Tap Density g/cm3 8.5 to 8.6 Tap Density Meter  
  Main Applications Packing  
1 Hardmetal Manufacturing 25 to 50 Kgs :Metal Drums with inner
2 Diamond Tool Industries   Silver foil Vaccum Packed Bags
3 Hard Alloy Industries   1 kg to 5 kgs :Silver foil packing with inner
4 Welding Hardfacing Electrodes   LDPE Bag vaccum packed
5 Diamond Scaives Industries    
        MSDS :  
        Material Safety Data Sheet & COA will be Provided
        with each supply